We are the premier fabricator of custom plastic parts, sub-assemblies & products

There is a thermoset available for every type of application

We fabricate and machine components from a wide range of thermosets.


With decades of experience in the machining and fabrication of thermosets, we offer unparalleled knowledge of raw materials. Click on a material in the list below to learn more about its characteristics, the benefits it offers and sample applications for which it is well-suited. You may also contact one of our application engineers for assistance in choosing the right material.

Canvas Glastherm®
Fish PaperLinen
G-3 Micarta®
G-5/G-9Micarta Brass ShotBlocker®
G-7 Nomex
G-10/FR-4/G-11 Paper
GPO-1, GPO-2, GPO-3 Transformer Board