We are the premier fabricator of custom plastic parts, sub-assemblies & products

There is a thermoplastic for every application

We build components and assemblies from an extensive array of thermoplastics.


Dielectric has been machining and fabricating thermoplastics for more than 40 years. Our knowledge of raw materials is unsurpassed in the industry. Click on a material in the list below to learn more about its characteristics, the benefits it offers and sample applications for which it is well-suited. You may also contact one of our application engineers for assistance in choosing the right material.

ABS Polyethersulfone
Acetal(Delrin, Celcon)Polyethylene
Acrylic Polypropylene
Formex®(F.R. Polypropylene)Polystyrene
Halar® PSU(Polysulfone)
Kapton PVC
KEL-F Radel (Polyphenyl-sulfone)
Kynar®(PVDF) Tecaform AH IDTM
Noryl® Torlon®
Nylon UHMW
PBT Ultem®
PEEK Vespel®