Through years of close collaboration, we have gained exceptional insight into the performance and quality needs of manufacturers in the medical industry.

Medical components that meet the most exacting standards

We are proud to be a trusted supplier to some of the world’s foremost medical equipment manufacturers. Our reputation is unsurpassed within the industry for high-quality medical parts. Manufacturers know that they can count on us to meet stringent standards, strict deadlines and budget requirements.

complex medical component For decades, we have been a fabricator of custom components and finished products, such as CT and MRI phantoms, meeting the demanding quality standards of this industry.

Through years of close collaboration, we have gained exceptional insight into the performance and quality needs of medical equipment manufacturers. Add to this our materials expertise and you will find that Dielectric’s knowledge is unsurpassed. We bring judgment, experience and ingenuity to every project. In addition, we offer prototyping of medical components. Together these services help you lower your costs, reduce time-to-market and improve the quality of your medical component or assembly.

A case in point

A leading medical manufacturer wanted to get a new product into production, but the design, which included four very complex acrylic parts, had to be validated. Under normal circumstances, the validation process would have been delayed weeks while the parts were manufactured to the exacting standards of the medical industry.

However, we were able, working through our prototyping division, to produce parts directly from the customer’s CAD files and ship them complete in 24 hours. The design validation was completed as scheduled and the product entered production. This is just one example of how Dielectric responds to customer needs with intelligent - and timely - solutions.

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Recognized for
our innovative approach

In 2010, Dielectric was awarded GE Healthcare’s Appreciation Award for Outstanding Performance and Dedication in the Area of Innovation. It was the third time that we were honored by the supplier for its superior service and exceptional medical components.