a custom plastic fabricated part

Trust your parts, sub-assemblies and finished products to the experienced custom fabricator.

The custom fabricator with expertise
and experience

We have been a custom fabricator since 1966. Our expertise in non-ferrous metals as well as a wide range of thermoplastics and thermosets is unsurpassed. We create parts, sub-assemblies and finished products of all shapes and sizes, specializing in complex fabrications but performing simple machining jobs as well.

Our parts and products are used in medical, food processing, power distribution and aerospace applications – just to name a few. This breadth of experience gives us uncommon insight into the long-term performance of various materials. You can rely on our expertise to ensure that the material you choose optimizes price and performance and that your product is designed for manufacturability to maximize efficiency and cost-savings.

Multiple capabilities to meet all of your needs

When you need a custom fabricator that can meet a range of needs, Dielectric is the natural choice. We have an extensive array of equipment that gives us impressive capabilities. Our five-axis CNC machining center has one of the largest trunnion tables in the area. With it, we can easily fabricate large and complex shapes. We also offer prototyping capabilities through our JR Prototypes division for new product introductions, existing product enhancements and short production runs. And if you have a small or simple job, we can easily accommodate that as well.

At Dielectric, we're not just a custom fabricator. We're your full-service contract manufacturing partner.

A material for every application

We work in non-ferrous metals as well as a wide range of plastics from general-purpose materials such as PVC to high-performance plastics such as PEEK® and Ultem®. Whatever your application, we have a material that will meet your needs.