With our prototyping services, you can test multiple versions of your design before manufacturing for optimal results.

Test your concept with a product prototype

At Dielectric, we continually seek ways to help clients design and build better products. That is why we now offer prototyping services through our new division, JR Prototypes. Prototyping is an excellent way to test a part or product before investing in production.

a complex SLS prototypeAt JR Prototypes, we specialize in new product introductions, existing product enhancements and short-run manufacturing.Through this division, we offer a complete range of prototyping capabilities:

We also offer small run manufacturing in conjunction with prototyping and as a stand-alone service.

Learn more about our prototyping capabilities.

JRP Capabilities Video

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You can also learn more about our our prototyping and short run manufacturing services by visiting our JR Prototypes website.