We work with you to ensure an efficient and cost-effective process and a superior end result.

Design for manufacturability with expert support from our engineers

We’ve been manufacturing precision parts for more than 40 years. During this time, we’ve gained valuable insights into materials, machining processes and product design. We make this expertise available to you through our collaborative design and application engineering services.

Select the right material for long-term satisfaction

a complex machined part The list of materials that can be used for manufacturing is long and growing. Staying on top of the latest developments is one of our strengths. We can consult with you on the options available and recommend the best choice based on your application and budget.

Design for manufacturability to save time
and money

When you’ve been manufacturing as long as we have, you develop a keen eye for potential design problems. Our application engineers can review your product design and make recommendations for enhancements that will ensure a smooth manufacturing process.

We're there for you throughout the manufacturing process

We can consult and collaborate with your engineers -- from prototype to finished part or assembly-- to help you bring highly competitive products to market.