We fabricate parts from an array of thermoplastics and thermosets as well as aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel.

Custom fabrication of parts

Dielectric excels at the fabrication of complex and unique parts. Our manufacturing facilities feature high-end machining equipment and established quality processes to ensure your CNC turned and flame polished Acrylic part part is fabricated precisely to your specifications. In fact, our parts are used in some of the most demanding industries and environments including health care, food processing, aerospace and military. From prototypes to production runs of 1 piece or 1,000,000 pieces, we are your single-source, custom fabricator of plastic and nonferrous metal parts. We offer:

  • application and design collaboration services
  • autoCAD and SURFCAM programming
  • plastic, aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel materials
  • cnc machining with custom tooling
  • multi-axis capabilities
  • thermoforming and heat bending
  • cold forming up to 96” (2,438 mm)
  • secondary operations such as plating, anodizing and assembly